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PostSubject: Application   Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:40 am

What is your ingame name:TheShadow?

what is your current ogame ranking?3580

Wat country do you live in?UK

How often do you play ogame?Everyday

Have you played ogame before? Yes

If you have, in what other unis?39

Have you belonged to any other alliance in uni 42?Yes GSL

if yes, then why did you leave?This is gonna be long but anyway. I was the diplomat and everything was going fine untill this guy called blacknavy joined he was hell, he kept complaining about how we were raising our requirements and that we didn't have a wing(we couldn't we only had 12 players) so I decided to be nice and offer him more time to get his points up in exchange for him registering on the forums(something for us and him) so I thought everything was going fine untill my leader tells me to stop talking to the lower ranked members because he has had complaints I asked him who they were from he said blacknavy. Eventually balcknavy left so everything went back to normal but now my leader always brings up the fact that I have caused trouble in the alliance. So today when I spoke to him he brought it up again so it pushed me over the limit and i gave up I decided to join your alliance because sleepyhat who stayed with us for a bit moved to your alliance. Evil or Very Mad

Are you more of a raider, fleeter or turtle (miner) all are equally welcome.Well I was a turtle this morining but after all 20 IPM's hit my planet i'm a raider. lol!

I doubt i will take back this application but it may be a possibility but only if my leader appologises to me.
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