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 New Alliance Memer needs help!!!

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PostSubject: New Alliance Memer needs help!!!   Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:04 pm

Fello Jedi's,

As you all know I was attacked today......

The person that attacked me was player BasicSide, planet name is Loki, his Coord.: are 1-414-7. He attacked me with 100 small cargo ships and 60 Battleships. I lost 179,000Deut, 1 Colony ship, and 18,000 Crystal. I was able to get my other ships out in time. He is way too strong for me to attack on my own, so if anyone can take this guy out, I would be grateful!!!!
Also, he has no alliance!!!!!

if anyone attacks him please let me know ASAP!
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A-Wing Pilot

PostSubject: Re: New Alliance Memer needs help!!!   Wed Oct 07, 2009 8:17 pm

He is ranked 753 so not many in the alliance can help you.Obi is nearby but I don't think it's worth a retaliation attack. Only advice I can give you is make sure you have enough cargos on your planet in the future to take all your resources in case of an attack(if not spend as much as you need to on defense so they get nothing). Also, ALWAYS FLEETSAVE your ships!!
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New Alliance Memer needs help!!!
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