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 Welcome to our alliance. Who we are

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PostSubject: Welcome to our alliance. Who we are   Wed Mar 18, 2009 11:05 pm

This is an alliance dedicated to playing Ogame as a Star Wars Old Galactic Republic Naval Officer would act. As a Galactic Republic Naval Officer, one does not seek to dominate but only to defend oneself & others from unjust aggression. One plays with Honor and Integrity at all times. One treats all players both Alliance and non-Alliance players with the same respect and dignity. We are a highly advanced race and have strong defenses. Our soul aim is to live peacefully and grow as an alliance.

We are dedicated to helping each other no matter the cost. An attack on any player within starwars is considered an attack on the alliance. Then of course all alliance members and allies will be notified and the reaction will be swift & decisive.

We do not encourage our members to be aggressive! However that is what Ogame is all about

One seeks balance between the demands of the alliance and with the outside world.

Long Live the Republic!!
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Welcome to our alliance. Who we are
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